The continent or region of Oceania has various definitions – with interpretations including Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea, East Timor and parts of Indonesia. The name Oceania is used because it is the ocean and adjacent seas rather than a continent that link the lands together.

Oceania offers a varied landscape – with regions varying from forest to mountain range, to island paradises dotted amongst temperate waters. Due to the region’s formation, the islands of Oceania hold a diverse range of animals and plants, often unique to their own island or region.


  • If you are heading to Australia, double-check if you need to apply for an electronic visa online for business or as a tourist. You may be applicable for a visa-free entry depending on your citizenship when visiting New Zealand. Most small islands have visa-on-arrival, but double-check.
  • Be aware that you must show proof of reserved accommodation when visiting the Cook Islands and pay a departure tax (NZ$55/adult and $15/children between ages 2-12 at the time of this writing).
  • New Zealand is very protective of its agriculture based economy resulting in strict restrictions against foreign food/plant materials. The inspection is thorough, so leave such goods behind (this includes airplane food as small as crackers) otherwise you may be charged a fine ranging from $200-100,000 or even prison.
  • Some of the deadliest animals in the world are found in Australia, but don’t let this deter you. Practice caution by following local warnings (i.e. swimming/surfing within boundaries, respecting saltwater crocodile signs, or ask locals for advice).
  • Safety in places like Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands are much higher than Vanuatu, Samoa and the Cook Islands. If you are in Papua New Guinea, be aware of criminal gangs and avoid going out after dark, but know that the villages tend to be safer and the locals very open and accepting.




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