Visa & Immigration Travel Tips

The holiday season is soon to be upon us! Well, it would have been if not for the unfortunate global circumstances the world is STILL facing right now. That said, much like a burning candle, this worldwide pandemic shall one day be a distant memory too.

And when that time comes, we will all rejoice in the fact that we can enjoy our travels once more. But before you go about planning your next, great vacation in advance, there are some travel taboos that you should always endeavour to avoid. More specifically, these are some of our visa and immigration travel tips for you to take note of.   

Be on Time

This may seem like common sense, but you wouldn’t believe how many travellers like to cut it extra close when it comes to catching their flights (it’s not a time limit game, don’t act like it is). But there are many improbable occurrences that could cause you to be late, thus jeopardising that once-in-a-lifetime holiday that you’ve been planning to go to once the pandemic has ended.

After all, Murphy’s Law is a thing. Be on time, y’all.

Keep Your Travel Documents Neat and Tidy and On Hand

Before you even think of leaving for your dream vacay, you should always ensure that your travel documents are up to date. We’re, of course, referring to your passports, visas, and even licenses. 

You wouldn’t want to be denied permission to board just because your passport is expired, would you?

Do It Online

It’s already the middle of 2021. Why are you still going through the hassle of lining up at a ticket counter to get your boarding pass printed out?

Most major airlines today offer the option for you to check-in to your flight via the Internet, as well as printing your own flight tickets. This will save you a lot of time not waiting in line at the airport.

Keep Your Fancy Clothing And Jewellery To A Minimum

As any travel veteran can attest to, always wear comfy clothes when you travel!

You’ll be on a plane for hours so it’s imperative that you wear comfortable clothes and especially comfy shoes. This means avoid tight clothing and instead, put on some airy attire for extra comfort. Also, avoid wearing jewellery if you can.

Passing Through Immigration And Security

By this point, you should have already gotten your important documents in order. Now it’s time to pass through security!

If you’re a well-seasoned traveller, you’ll undoubtedly know the drill. Metallic accessories, phones, and other electronics should be checked through the x-ray machine.

And while we’re at it. Keep in mind luggage restrictions before you get to the security checkpoint. This means you should not carry any agricultural produce (fruits or local veggies), sharp objects (knives and scissors), and flammable liquids. Even drinking liquids, gels or aerosol containers should not be more than 100 ml in size, though an exception is made for empty water bottles exceeding this limit.  

Have Fun

Above all else, do remember to have fun! 

Going through the motions of the check-in process can be a stressful process. Just remember that it’s the first step towards the start of your exciting travel experience. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.


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